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If you've ever wanted to work for a power company, this may or may not be an accurate training sim. 

Spoiler: it's not.

How to play: the goal is simple enough. You have to keep as many houses in power as long as you can while contending with severe weather. Your job is to click the poles and reroute the power to keep the power up and running for as many houses as possible. Once a pole is struck by lightning, it can no longer be used. Wires can be connected horizontally, vertically and diagonally, but only to a pole within one grid space.

How long can you go without being fired?

Side note: there's an easter egg, first one to find it gets.. Nothing, but you get to be first, like on a youtube video where that one dude is like "First!". But you'll actually be first at something meaningful, so that's nice.

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Also also feel free to check out my mini-game/in-progress game Dunelight if you like things that are awesome. If you like not-awesome things, like hair loss, band-aids you find in your taco, animal testing or when people cut in lines, then don't check it out. Because whatever, just do you.


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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